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Tubular Products

Oil & Gas

AMCO is licensed to API Spec 7-1 and holds working gauges on the ground for most common rotary shouldered connections like API IF, Reg, Full Hole, etc.

AMCO is also licensed to API Spec 5CT tubing & casing connections such as EUE, NU, LTC, STC, Buttress, etc.

We can also carry out repairs or manufacture of accessories for many popular Premium threads designs such as:
VAM Family: New Vam, Vam Top, Vam Top HC, Vam Top HT, Vam FJL, VAM HTTC, Vam 21, VAM Bolt, VAM KSX
Tenaris: Tenaris Hydril Family: TSH CS, TSH 3SB, TSH Blue Near Flush, TSH Blue ER, TSH PH-4, TSH PH-6, TSH Wedge 513, TSH Wedge 563, TSH Wedge 511, TSH SEC, TSH Atlas Bradford FLS4.
Grant Prideco Family: XT, HT, HTPAC, GPDS

To ensure we deliver on-timely fashion and meet clients' requirements, the Company holds an extensive range of API material stock on the ground. AMCO provides a wide variety of products averaging 100+ tons per month of Crossovers, Pup Joints on urgent rig requirements.

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