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AMCO provides end‐to‐end solutions to cater to clients' unique requirements. We cover it all from addressing core engineering & design challenges to complete production, fabrication, and machining needs.  In addition, having a dedicated team of on‐site specialists in state‐of‐the‐art facilities gives the agility needed to work closely with our clients, providing a quicker time‐to‐market response.


  • We provide support to manufacturing and sales along with technical assistance to customers to provide a high‐end solution to their specific needs.

  • Our Engineering and Design team has access to an unrivalled knowledge base of Oilfield products, which, when coupled with involvement in international bodies and leadership in industry initiatives, gives AMCO Engineering and Design team the lead when it comes to solving industry-related problems.

  • We can handle specific requirements and provide custom‐made solutions that help to supply customer equipment. Our engineering philosophy is; one-stop solution for our entire client's engineering needs.

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