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Oil & Gas

Safety is paramount to our success. Safety isn’t a word or a brand, a label or a sign, it’s a way of thinking. No matter where you sit in our business, from GM to Line Management and down through every employee, safety is a belief and a goal that is paramount above all else.
This is about respecting our company’s Values and protecting what we believe in. It provides us with our moral compass and keeps us true to ourselves. It builds a family in which everyone is looking out for everyone else.

You can’t buy safety, and just “ticking the box” won’t do either. Safety has to be instilled from the moment a new employee enters our doors, or from the moment we start-up a new business. It’s part of us, intrinsically woven into our corporate DNA.

We commit to providing a safe work environment for all employees every single day, and to ensure that safe work practices, safety training and supervision are in place to eliminate the possibility of incident or injury.

We continually seek to identify and eliminate any potential safety hazards on our projects and

we won’t compromising safety. It’s as simple as that.

We welcome our Clients, our subcontractors and suppliers and engage them to ensure

we’re all as safety conscious as possible, and more importantly, that we’re all thinking

about safety concerns in a holistic way.

We believe in trust, loyalty and keeping our word. We believe in ensuring everyone

goes home without harm, every day.

Join us in our journey towards a Zero Harm facility.

Hussain Alhajji
HSE Manager

AMCO HSE Manager
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