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“A thriving economy provides opportunity for all… we will develop our investment tools to unlock our promising economic sectors, diversify our economy and create job opportunities.”
HRH Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

In line with these powerful words, we at AMCO made a roadmap to shape our future which reflecting our daily business dealings.

We have witness the National Transformation Program (NTP) and Aramco’s IKTVA program at the born, and it was our duty to contribute to the promotion of these programs through active participation. From the beginning we have been a key player in both.

We seen IKTVA program grow, so our participation to be one of the pillars of this program, and we have exceeded the default ratio of our industry however we didn’t just stop there; we went further to work, support and develop larger segments of local suppliers, thus reducing our association with international ones.

As for the jobs, training, and development of Saudi employees, AMCO is a pioneer in this field, especially when recruiting, training, and developing female workforce. All our employees, without exception, are trained throughout the year, and this is an advantage that many companies may not have.

That is not all we have; we are moving with steady steps and export our products and services beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We proudly export our products to many countries, including the GCC countries and others.


By that, we are achieving goals of the vision in:  

  • Enabling sustainable local economy and supply chain.

  • Creating technical and professional jobs and careers the Saudi workforce.

  • Increase exported and made in Saudi Arabia products.


We have been and will always be a heavily active supporter of Vision 2030 and its sub-programs. Therefore, we see vision 2030 clearly, and we speak it fluently.  

For more information, you may reach us at:

Local transformation Dept.:

IKTVA unit:

I believe that localization is the most personal
form of customer relationship

Amjed Almarhoon
Local Transformation Manager

Local Transformation
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