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AMCO offers full manufacturing capability of high-quality engineered parts, material upgrades, and re-design of components that improve equipment reliability and availability.

We can supply spare parts engineered using our ADVANCED PARTS SOLUTIONS (APS) technology. APS can be used when the original manufactured parts are no longer available, or the cost and lead-time are too high.


AMCO APS provides high-quality spare parts services that will reduce the through-life cost of your rotating equipment.

  • High-accuracy laser scanning technology is utilized to scan the geometries of any components at AMCO workshop or site.

  • Engineering know-how is implemented to assess nominal geometries, tolerances, material selections, and manufacturing methods to generate detailed drawings.

  • Parts are manufactured in compliance with industry-wide specifications (API, ASME etc.).

  • AMCO quality system assures warranties equivalent to or better than OEM supplied parts.

All spare parts are re-engineered using the design and manufacturing expertise developed over the past 40 years


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