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Commitment to Safety & Environment

We are committed to safeguarding our employees, clients, environment, and the communities where we operate.
We holistically follow our HSE standards based on a robust risk assessment approach and recognized QHSE management systems, provide a platform for continual improvement.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability revolves around being mindful of our effect on our environment and natural resources. As a company and as individuals, we make a conscious effort to produce the most minor environmental impact possible to preserve our quality of life for present and future generations.

AMCO | Loss Prevention Team

AMCO Loss Prevention Team

Commitment to Quality

At AMCO, our primary Quality objective is to provide our customers with excellent engineering solutions through our products and services. 

To enable this, we will pursue the following.

  • Build a quality culture through Lean Principles. 

  • Support growth by delivering quality products and services to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Leverage our employees and share best practices across the organization for continual improvement

  • Adhere to the Quality Management System, industry, and regulatory requirements

This policy demonstrates our commitment to quality and ensures that decision making is based on what is best for customer satisfaction, stakeholders and the protection of AMCO reputation. These measures are implemented through a comprehensive Quality Management System API Spec-Q1 & ISO-9001-2015, which is monitored and regularly reviewed to verify that our standards to meet our high expectations of quality for all interested parties.

Commitment to Customer

Our customers satisfaction is the soul of our business. Our goal is to build sustainable business and professional relationships with all of our customers.

AMCO representatives are trained and empowered to:


  • Better understand customer businesses and requirements

  • Take personal accountability for customer issues

  • Refer for more engineering & technical intervention as needed

  • Be innovative in addressing the unique business needs of every customer




AMCO Sales Team Lead
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