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Manufacturing Service

AMCO has invested heavily in machine tooling to support the rising demand in Saudi Arabia for Local content (IKTVA), it has implemented LEAN Principle and has built up an excellent reputation for quality and service as a prime vendor and contractor to Saudi Aramco and to other leading companies in many key industrial sectors in Saudi Arabia.

The Company is equipped with state-of-the-art tooling including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) horizontal & Vertical machine centers, Multitasking machine tools, CNC Multi-axis machining centers and a wide range CNC Lathes, manual lathes etc, to support the highly growing manufacturing capacity.

AMCO adopts manufacturing Operations sequence based setup of the facility to be able to accommodate any unplanned manufacturing requirement as well as the diversity of offered products and the change in demands.


The secret to our success is in manufacturing is our people, dedicated individuals with extensive industry experience who work together as a cohesive team. Having the right people we are able achieve the  operational excellence every day through the alignment of processes and technology, and drives superior results through the pursuit of repeatable, reliable and lean processes that focus on

continuous improvement.


The company has successfully built a full turn product:

  • Gauge Carriers

  • Floating Equipment

  • Splice Clamps

  • Wireline & Fishing tools like AC/ DC, Gauge/ Tubing drifts, etc.

Gauge Carrier.jpg
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